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How much is a marquee? 

If you've never had a marquee before, it's difficult to know just how much one is. Of course, it's a how long is a piece of string kind of question. It depends on lots of factors; distance from our base, how many guests, seating arrangements, whether you're having a band, is it going to be cold, do i need a caterers area... Lets start the ball rolling with a few examples.

WEDDING MARQUEE - 60 Guests - £2350

This marquee will be 9m wide by 12m long. It could be shorter (cheaper) but this gives you mingling room and space for a dancing & your DJ. The marquee will be fully lined, have smart traditional matting to the floor, glass chandelier lighting and we'll fit panoramic windows down one long side. In this price you'll get our 6ft rustic tables and 60 traditional wooden folding chairs. 

This is a ready to go price, with install midweek and removal on a Monday. We've included a nominal 10 mile travel distance, so obviously that'll go up a bit depending if you're further away.