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Imagine TV's Goggle Box, but instead of sitting at home on a sofa, we're stood behind a bar watching your wedding.

As a bartender, weddings tend to be a 12 hour flat out shift, but if it does become a little quiet, there's something we all love to do.

We call it Goggle Bar. 


Each time we see someone who loses a shoe, spills a drink, cries ugly, asks for Aspirin, tells us how they're related to the Bride - we tick it off on the Bingo Card.

It doesn't stop there! Stripping to underwear, being "poorly", grabbing the mic from the DJ and of course, hearing "Mr Brightside" boom out from the speakers, we have a square for them all.


Our record is just 2 hours to complete a line and 4.5 hours for a full house.

It's all done in good jest and we often get asked for a bingo card so guests can play along themselves.

Hours of fun!

Best dancer, most awesome suit, skimpiest dress, most decorous hat, best speech, prettiest flower girl, grooviest granny - we love you all! 

Its a 10 from us so long as you're having a great time.


Wedding Bingo

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