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This is where we started, and we still help create dozens of wonderful garden parties every year. 

We bring a nice, clean marquee, the tables and chairs to get you started, then you can select the options you want to make it easier and easier for you and your guests.

small marquee in a garden


Garden Party Starter Package

Your Garden Party needs some cover - from the sun or the rain! 


We start each package with a professional grade mini marquee that's 6m by 6m, which is 20ft by 20ft if you prefer.​ All the panoramic windows roll if if you wish to create an open, spacious covered area.

The package has chairs for 30 guests and 6 tables, which is enough for most parties, but extra's are available.

We deliver and erect the tent on a Thursday or Friday and collect on a Monday. ​


It's just £595 plus £2 a mile transport from Tilly HQ.

Let's get you a quote, my name is Tilly, what's yours?

Are you enquiring on behalf of a business or organisation?