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Here at Tilly’s Garden Party Hire Ltd we take our job seriously and make every effort to do you a good job and meet our promises. We take care to train our staff and provide them with the time and resources to do the job right first time.

Sometimes, very rarely, something will not go according to plan. When this happens we will use all of experience and resources to rectify any mistakes or compensate for a change in circumstances. When this happens we will talk to you on site and explain what we need to do and seek your agreement. If you are not on site then we will use our professional judgement to ensure that what we have done is firstly safe, and secondly as close to our promise as possible.

If a client is not satisfied with the hire equipment, the standard of installation, behaviour of staff or any other matter then we encourage them to deal with this at the time so that the impact on the event is minimised.

If a complaint is made to us in writing by the client, then we follow this procedure.

  • Upon receiving a written client complaint, it is logged and the customers file is frozen (to prevent any changes) and an investigation is triggered.

  • The investigation will seek a report from the lead installer (or delivery driver for prop hire) and if necessary, all staff present on site.

  • The report(s) will be considered in light of the complaint and a manager will make a written response to the client and sent to the client within 5 working days by first class recorded delivery (Royal Mail).

  • Any further written correspondence or new written complaint will be considered by a different manager as a second and final consideration, to which a response will be made within 14 days.

We will at all times refer to our terms and conditions published on our website and any guidance documentation available at the time of hire.

If this all seems a bit formal, it’s because we treat complaints seriously and will always take the time to resolve issues as amicably as we can. The second step ensures at least two senior managers consider the complaint. Things are done in writing to protect both parties against misunderstanding and for accurate record keeping.

In the first place any complaint should be addressed to The Administration Manager, Tilly’s Garden Party Hire. Mayflower Farm, Tydd Road West Pinchbeck Spalding PE113QA

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