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We've been at the forefront of traditional games hire for over a decade with a curated collection of traditional carnival, fete and fairground games.

With many others joining in the marketplace, we decided to expand in to the larger scale games and build our own fairground attractions.


Built in the same way these "Throwing Gallery" stalls have been made for 150 years, Nick's recreation looks and feels just like an Edwardian fairground stall. Its distinctive fancy paintwork, red and white canvases are recognised by fairground enthusiasts around the world as a "Coconut Shy".

The Shy has been given to Nick's youngest daughter - Mia who's name as proprietor is is proudly painted on the framework.


People hire this attraction to enjoy its aesthetic but primarily to play!

Normally set up as a Coconut Shy, this can also be used as a Tin Can Alley. 

Both versions offer endless fun and competition, as well as perfect memories and photographic opportunities.

Hours of fun!

As a film prop, or just playing for fun, it's £600. If you'd like to win a great prize, then you should budget on £2 per go - using our Tilly Tickets.

It has it's dedicated trailer, and needs 2 people for two hours to build up. Those people will "mind" the stall for the duration of your agreed play and the knock it down, pack it away and drive it back to the yard.


Coconut Shy

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