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Almost a decade ago we identified the rising trend of rustic  weddings and how barns were featuring in wish lists across the world.

We decided that we'd offer the look and feel of a real barn wall, only in a marquee so it could be located wherever you want and make the capacity as big as you like.


The timbers all came from Boston docks. The 7ft planks were recycled from their shipping role into a barn wall structure consisting of 12 heavy panels. Each piece is lifted in to place by our team and bolted together in the gable frame of the marquee structure.

As each plank dried out, it created the distinctive vertical gaps found in old agricultural barns.


This unique feature is the perfect decor element for your rustic vibe and you can attach almost anything to the timbers - hoops, flowers, signage, and lighting.

The hinged doors were difficult to hang and sometimes caught on the ground, so 5 years ago they were modified to become sliding doors.

Decor & Function

It's a big option to add to your event, and worth every penny in our customers opinion.

It takes two people a couple of hours just to load it, 3 people to build it over 4 hours on site, and then the same again in reverse. It also has it's own transport needs - all adding up to it's £995 price tag.


We start with the 4 main side panels, each pair when bolted together are connected to the marquee frame - to the outer leg and the gable post. We then install the door frame and square everything up.

The outer triangles are lifted up and bolted in before building the header frame for the door opening. This is where the heavy lifting takes its toll! The top triangles are carried all the way to the peak and complete the main panel structure.

We then fix the door slide rail and hang the doors followed by the trim panels which clad the gable frame inside and out.

Build Process

Barn Wall Marquee

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