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Marquees are the perfect temporary space for all kinds of businesses, all year round. 

We can build (almost) any size of space, including sub spaces, provide lighting and heating options for your space. Often no permissions are needed for these structures when used as temporary facilities.

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Use it to store overflow goods, excess stock, goods inward areas or for goods awaiting collection.


Us a marquee to extend packing, assembly or potting areas ecoomically. Available with forklift access.


Use the marquee as a temporary dining or break area to facilitate social distancing or maintain work bubbles.


Add a marquee to your business to allow customers to wait under cover, or as a dining area, exhibition space or an equipment test area.


Our 9m wide marquees can be installed up to 36m in length giving 324sqm of additional undercover space. Available on 2.3 legs to hire or on 3m legs to purchase. Std fork truck access to 90% of the available area.

Marquees can be installed on most surfaces using anchors or weights, come with lighting at your desired level.

3 month hire example: 9m x 18m (162sqm) pinned down, no lighting. £5sqm per week. Install £300, removal £300.

We add each marquee to our weather watch scheme and provide routine safety inspections in this price.

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Clients use our marquees to extend their production space at peak times. Rather than extending fixed facilities, expending capital and taking up land space permenantly, a marquee will do the job when you need it and it can be removed when not needed.

Marquees tend to have a natural air flow, which helps mitigate Covid risks and our marquees are often used to split production or packing teams to create work or shift bubbles to protect seasonal workforces.

In the summer we provide marquees using roof only structures to provide shelter and shade for agricultural packing, sorting and grading tasks.

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Throughout the Covid Pandemic we have provided dining hall facilities and break rooms for local producers to ensure colleagues are able to sit and eat in their own space.

Our packages have included flooring, seating, tables and the usual lighting and heating solutions.

Available to hire or purchase with a buy back option.

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With existing buildings being limited in capacities, we've been providing retailers with additional spaces to extend their retail areas.

We've also worked with local authorities to provide seasonal indoor market cover and countless pubs who have extended their outdoor dining facilities.

Our marquees have been used to shelter customers as they queue for busy attractions or shops.

Marquees start at 3m x 3m spaces and can be up to 9m x 36m in size.

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Iron Horse Diner

This is 12m x 15m marquee being installed as an external dining area for approximately 200 covers.


Now in operation

Purchased Outright
Installed by Tilly's



Karsten UK Ltd

This is a 9m x 15m marquee with flooring, seating, tables, lighting and heating for 30 colleagues.

Now in operation

Long Term Rent

Installed & Managed by 


£795 weekly



This is a pair of 9m x 6m marquees being used as an extended packing and hand over area.


Initially to facilitate social distancing in a cramped warehouse, now retained for increeased efficiency overall.

Long Term Rent
Installed & Managed by


£150 weekly


The Deepings School

This is a 9m x 18m marquee used as a temporary cover for students displaced from the main hall.

Short Term Rent

Installed & Managed by 


£600 weekly



This is a 6m x 6m marquee being used as a performance area with changing space.

Part of Spalding's Christmas Celebrations

Short Term Rent
Installed & Managed by


£400 weekly


Bourne Salads

This is a 9m x 27m marquee with flooring, seating, and tables,for 100 colleagues.

Long Term Rent

Installed & Managed by 


£1095 weekly

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