These are our terms and conditions.

Damage Deposits


A damage deposit is taken, in addition to your hire deposit. This does not limit your liability for damage caused by negligence by you or your guests. You will get a check list of hired items left with you and we use the same document to check them back in. Anything missing or damaged is removed from the damage deposit. Any damage not covered by the deposit will be charged to the hirer.


General Marquee, Marquee Packages and Dance Floor Hire


These bookings are subject to a site survey. We need to know that we can deliver and erect them in a safe place, that they are secure and will not be damaged by the setting. If the site survey does show up problems, we will discuss these with you and solve the issues where possible, although there may be an additional cost. If we can't do this, then we reserve the right to cancel the booking and refund you your deposit in full.


These items come with standard ground pins and we also have heavy duty lashings if we think the weather maybe a little windy. However, if the weather conditions are such that we believe that the hire item will be damaged (and you or your guests may be hurt), we will cancel the booking and refund you your deposit and any other payments in full. We do this very, very rarely, and usually only when the party is cancelled anyway. We will work with you to transfer any other hire items to a back up venue of your own arrangement. We accept no liability for losses or costs incurred due to the cancellation of a hire due to force majeure.


Damage Excess charges: Tables (£25), Chairs (£10), Marquees (£295 max), Gazebos (£75 max)

Sweetie Carts


Our sweets are selected carefully and handled subject to strict hygiene regulations, however we cannot guarantee that they are free from nuts or traces of nuts. Where nut or other allergies are a concern, we can provide sweetie carts complete with serving bowls, tongs, scoops and bags but without sweets for you to provide your own.


We endeavour to supply the sweets you choose, but occasionally we may have to substitute an alternative if the original choices are not available.


Although no damage deposits are taken for sweetie carts, breakages must be paid for. If you are concerned about glass bowls or display stands, then we can arrange for acrylic bowls. Please contact us at the time of booking to make these arrangements.

Electrical Equipment


Our Electrical, disco and lighting equipment is regularly safety tested and is delivered fully working. However, like all electrical equipment it can stop working without notice. In this situation, no liability for losses or costs incurred can be accepted beyond the value of the original hire.


Flashing lights can trigger photo-sensitive epilepsy! We do not accept any liability for damage or injury caused by flashing lights.


The damage excess charge for each item is itemised on the hire sheet and can be viewed on the equipment page viewable from the relevant section of the website.

All contracts are subject to English Law


These terms and conditions became applicable to all agreements as of the 1st of January 2015.

Vintage China


Although our china is precious, its not irreplaceable. Just like glassware, breakages do happen. We understand, really we do. To minimise the risk we ask that you treat them as if they were your own, and wash them in warm soapy water after use, never in a dishwasher. We will wash up for you for a small charge. Never pour freshly boiled water directly into a china cup. They break.


We will supply a mix of vintage trios for your event, but it's not possible to guarantee a particular colour theme or range of patterns.


A damage deposit is taken for all china hire, and all breakages must be paid for. In general, any broken part of a trio makes it unhireable. So breakages of a cup, saucer or side plate will be charged at £18 as a lost trio. Cake Stands vary from £15 to £25 and teapots are £30. Any other item, jug or bowl etc is £5.




If a hirer wishes to cancel a booking, then a scale of charges are applied. More than 26 weeks notice, full refund. Between 4 and 26 weeks notice, loss of deposit. Less than 4 weeks notice, loss of all hire fees paid. cancellations must be made in writing - not by email or via any social media, text or electronic messenger.



There are a few circumstances under which Tilly will cancel the booking. 1/ We put safety first and we reserve the right to cancel a booking if we believe that either our safety or that of you or your guests, or property is at risk. In these circumstances we will discuss our concerns with a client and agree a way forward. If that cannot be resolved, we reserve the right to cancel a  booking and refund any deposits paid.

2/ Tilly reserves the right not to proceed with a booking if the venue is not suitable or cannot provide the cooperation required to carry out the hire in a professional manner. Tilly holds a black list of venues that we will not deal with and you will be advised at the time ofquotation.

Garden Games


Many of our garden games are unique, one off, hand made items. Many hours were spent in making and painting them. However, they are designed to be played with, so they're robust, water proof and don't need batteries!


We charge for damage and loss for these items. If a game is damaged beyond repair, then we reserve the right to charge for any costs incurred in replacing or recreating the game, including any consequential losses as a result of unavailability for future hires.


Coconuts do break, either when hit or dropped. This is normal and arrangements should be made by the hirer to clean up any spills. Although our coconuts are fresh, we do not recommend eating these coconuts. We supply 10 coconuts per hire. If you want less damage, use the bean bags as a softer option.


Customers and their guests sometimes lose the balls, hoops, bean bags, poles or ducks. These have a replacement cost deductable from your damage deposit. Wooden Balls and Bean bags are £1, Poles, hoops and Ducks are £2 each, cricket & hockey balls are £5 each. Darts are £3 each. Aunt sally sticks are £6 each. Skittle Balls are £75 due to their rarity and material cost. Hood Skittle pins and cheeses are £100, again due to their rarity and replacement cost.

Serious Stuff

Terms & Conditions - All items remain the property of Tillys Garden Party. The Client is responsible for the property from first delivery to final collection. You should insure the property in your care against damage, loss and third party claims. We cannot accept any faults or discrepancies once the delivery note has been signed. The client is responsible for any damage or breakages caused by themselves, their guests, unrelated third parties present or their caterer and that any breakages due to poor packing will also be subject to damage charges. Any damage to marquees or tents will be subject to external verification for cost within 7 working days, and will be charged at cost plus 20%. If damage charges exceed the damage deposit the hirer agrees to pay the full charges. Tilly's Garden Party cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury caused to anyone by the items which are under the clients care,  or for any liability for any claims that arise from an event concerning or involving items hired through us. E&OE 2015-2017