Whether you are having a Party Tent or a Large Marquee from us, we'll come and visit you on site to make sure everything goes well on the day. We can sit down and chat through your plans and see how we fit in, make suggestions and offer additional help.


Its important the we understand the area you are planning to put the tent, how easy it is to gain access, what parking is like, the ground conditions, underground and over head obstacles, the drainage and general lay of the land as it all impacts on our plan to get it right first time. Whilst we've been to some tricky locations and some tight squeezes, there hasn't been a site yet we can't work with. However, sometimes we've had to plan extra time, more people or slightly relocate the tents from the clients preferred location. This all part of coming up with a fixed price. 90% of clients pay the original estimated (package) price first offered, and the other 10% had already identified some difficulties with access.


We also carry out our risk assessments at the site visit and make sure we know how safe the site is, where staff can visit the loo (or will we have to bring our own!), if the phones will work and if they need to bring lunch when they're working.


Site visits are planned on weekdays only, and are offered subject to availability between 10am and 1pm. This is because we're actually doing the installs and loading most afternoons and every weekend. Site visits out side these times incur a fixed £50 additional charge to be paid up front.

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Make it special

Now we've taken care of the basics, we can turn our thoughts to personalising your event.


We can make your tea party something special with vintage mis matched cups and saucers, side plates and cake stands.


Site Visits