Traditional Pub Game Packages - Only from Tilly's Garden Party.

As well as our selection of garden, fete and carnival games, Tilly has a great set of traditional pub games for hire. They come a set of 8 and arrive friday afternoon and are collected on a Monday morning if you want a themed weekend, or a single night's hire is collected the following morning.


Pubs and games have always gone hand in hand, but today the pressure to capture dry sales has meant that the space taken by games has slowly been taken over by food tables. We have found that many pubs would like a games night or weekend as an incentive to bring in new and existing customers - particularly over the autumn and winter months. However, pubs no longer have the games or space for them.


What we can do is bring you an interesting and highly addictive set of games played in pubs around the UK just for a special event or promotional weekend. Many breweries have expressed an interest in creating quieter theme nights as an alternative to live music. Our team can bring you the games, help you set them up and provide instructions or players rules.We can also provide images for your website to help promote the event and draw in interest.


We offer a mix of indoor and outdoor games, small and large depending on your space. We even have some rare games for hire like Hood Skittles Tables, Aunt Sally and Evesham Quoits.


So supplement your Dart Board and Dominos with a set of games from Tilly - call today to find out prices and availability.

Make it unique

With pubs beginning to market their autumn and winter menus, events and theme nights are a big feature and a major draw for clientele.


A games night or weekend could be a great opportunity to do something new (or old!)






Choose a single night or weekend package of 8 games, give us a call to check availability.


Let us know the postcode of the venue and the times you'd like to set up, start to play and when we can pack up.


If it's over 25 miles from base we charge 40 pence per mile for each mile driven. For single nights and longer distances, its often more economical to have a Barker to eliminate double travel costs.


Pub Games

Charges for 2016/17 hires


We will deliver and set up upto 8 of our games and collect them either the same day or the following day (subject to security) for £200 including everything needed to play plus a delivery charge for venues more than 25miles from our base (PE113YP).


A full weekend - Friday afternoon to monday lunchtime is just £295


A Barker (attendant) is £70 for the first 5 hours and £10 per hour after that, up to a maximum of 8 hours including normal work breaks


If you require less than 8 games, there is no reduction in the charge. You can select any 8 subject to availability, including from our standard range of fete or carnival games.


If your first choice of game is not available, then we will offer you alternatives. No guarantee of availability is made until a booking is confirmed and a deposit received.


A security deposit of £200 is payable upon drop off, returned by the same method of payment when collected safely. This does not limit your liability as a hirer, please see terms and conditions for more details.


Prices valid until 1st May 2017.

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