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Photo Walls from Tilly's Garden Party

After 3 years our ever popular photowall has been retired! Thats really exciting, because we're building a new one as we speak!! Available to book from July 2017 onwards, pictures will appear here as soon as its ready.


This wall works brilliantly inside or out and comes with a suitcase full of props to bring a smile to even your great aunts face! We can also provide desks, chairs, lamp standards etc to create the perfect

photo opportunity.


Hire prices start from £150 when booked with any other hire item.

Tillys Photo Wall Tillys Photo Wall

What do I need to know?

The wall is quite big! Please make sure you have somewhere to put this in your venue where people can use it, but it wont be in the way.


If you plan to have it outside, then please remember it's not waterproof and if it's breezy, we will need to attached guy ropes to stabilise it.


It is 2.5m wide (or 1.8m) and it's 1.9m high. The feet extend backwards for 2m.

Love Tilly. X