Party Carts, Buffet Tables, Lemonade Stands & Popcorn Stands

These distinctive, high quality carts, stands and tables really add some style to your event, indoors or outside.

Bessie Sweetie Cart from £65


Our own design of cart which is just 1m wide - still plenty of space for goodies and sweets for up to 40 guests.


This is a high quality, stylish cart and not like most of the ones on offer today.

Bertie Cart from £125


A large, vintage cart for an authentic look for your event. Can be tailored to match your colour scheme. With a single fill, it can satisfy up to 120 people.


Bertie is 2m wide with his wings up.

Pimms Carts from £100


A fully decorated cart complete with pretty Pimms wicker basket, Pimms jugs, stirrers, kilner  syle dispencer with tap, table cloth and lots of bunting.Glasses for up to 100 guests. You just add Pimms, lemonade & fun!

Multi purpose Stand from £50


This retro recycled Multi Purpose Stand is perfect for adults and kids alike with its clever little step at the rear.


It can come as a kissing booth, a lemonade stand, popcorn stand or anything you'd like.


It's 2m high and 80cm wide.

Lemonade Stand from £200


This fabulous rustic lemonade stand sits on two white trestles and comes with styling props to create a memorable way of serving refreshments to your guests of all ages.

Milk & Cookies Cart from £95


Two Milk dispensers, paper cups or mini milk bottles with paper straws, and dozens of yummy cookies!


This package can be completely tailored to your party guests.

Do-nut Cart from £125


A large, vintage cart full of sweet do-nuts and fizzy drinks. With a personalised do-nut sign to keep and glass bottle drinks this is a great theme for your party refreshments.

Popcorn Stand from £100


Our recycled crate stand reminds us of the side of the road kids stands in so many american movies. this time its full of yummy popcorn for your guests.

Kissing Booth from £60


This time our multi purpose stand is a Kissing Booth! Complete with chalkboard for the price...


A great photo opportunity for you and your guests.



Wooden crates of Lemons and Limes, Jam Jars with paper straws, Cookie bowls, large glass dispensers together with the "Lemonade" bunting make this a stand out feature of your event.



We can supply cake stands too so that you can show off that lemon drizzle cake you love so much!

Whiskey & Cigar Trolley from £145

Four decanters, glasses, styling props, flowers in vase, bonbon dish, fruit plate,cigar box and cutters. Hire dry or with your selection of drinks and cigars.