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Working for Tilly's Garden Party Hire

Working for Tilly's is never dull! 

One minute we can be putting up a huge marquee, the next laying up tea for twenty. This varied work needs people who are flexible & diligent, take pride in their own appearence and with that of our products. Whilst no single item is very heavy, there can be constant lifting and carrying of weights, working at height on ladders, using specialist equipment, basic consumer electrics, lighting, heating, dressing of interiors, staging of props and lets not forget hanging the bunting.


Our work always starts in Pinchbeck, so you need reliable transport to get to us, so that we can leave on time. We then work mostly weekdays Monday to Friday, installing and removing equipment from locations usually within a 50 mile radius of Spalding. The only rule is - the job must finsh on time! Sometimes this means we have to make up time and work late. Increasingly we also have weekend work, which is lighter, but more time critical.


Our employees work well as a team, learn fast when trained, never stand idle and have a good head for problem solving. We wear a uniform to set us aside from the competition and you'll be expected to wear dark blue unripped jeans, a tattersall shirt and a tweed waistcoat - all topped off with a flat cap, that is when you're not wearing a hard hat! We will provide an allowance for the purchase of steel toe-capped boots or shoes, which must be brown or tan.


We offer a Zero Hours Contract with a minimum of a 3 month rolling work plan which takes in to account all known bookings at that time. As new bookings are taken, these are offered out to the team and allocated on a balance of skills, experience and availability. Further hours come from repairs, storage, maintenance, construction, and cleaning - these are offered out as they become available to the team in the same way. Work is seasonal, so you can expect less opportuntity to work during the months of October through to March, although some work may be available. There is no guarantee of work or minimum number of hours provided. Rates of pay are listed minimum wage. Tilly's Garden Party Hire is an equal opportunities employer.


We regularly take students on school, college and university vacations - great work and proper rates of pay.


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If you'd like to join Team Tilly, you'll need to impress us! We hold regular work try outs for applicants so they can feel for themselves the kind of work involved and potential team members can impress us with their commonsense, work ethic and customer focussed attitude.


Now is the time to get in touch as the season is not far away.


The nature of the work does particularly suit people who may have other commitments or who have found themselves retired before they are ready.



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