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Hog Roasters

A popular catering choice for Garden Parties is the Hog Roast. Who doesn't love a little bit of Crackling?


A hog roast is also a flexible choice as the number of guests is matched with the size of pig being roasted. All of our suppliers come highly recommended and use the finest local ingredients - and why not, Lincolnshire provides the nation with salads, breads and meats, including some wonderful Pork.


Strict hygiene and safety standards are in place to ensure all of your guests can enjoy a tasty meal.


Vegetarians are always catered for with a seperate buffet and wide choices of alternative main ingredients are available.


Ask us to recommend a Hog Roaster for your event or use the links to the right to connect directly.

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Make it special

As your main cater or in partnership with others, a Hog Roast is a talking point for your guests.


Pinchbeck Pig Roast Company

Local ingredients from a family team


Sharpe's Hog Roast

Full Packages or Self Hire