Event Toilets

There is no getting away from it. We all need to answer the call of nature from time to time. After a few drinks, or standing around a while, its suprising how quickly guests start hunting for a toilet.


If you have venue with toilets, then all as good. If your event is in a rural location, then a portable loo is essential.


Smaller units are popular for domestic events where the host would prefer not to have 50 guests using the downstairs loo during the day and in to the evening.


We only use reputable companies for toilets so you can be assured that these will be clean and fresh.

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Choose Local

We recommend two local suppliers, one for single unit festival type loos, and the other for posh loos.


Enviro-loo - Donnington, for single units.


Aqualoos - Rutland, for posh loos.