Outside Bars

The essential ingredient in a garden party is liquid refreshment! Whether its Pimm's O'clock or just time for a pint of shandy, you need to have a bar to serve you and your guests.


The first option is to buy your drinks from a supermarket or wine merchant and use our tables to set up your free bar. Letting your guests serve themselves can lead to problems and you can be left with more drink than you needed. If you can get someone to man the bar and negetiate a sale or return, then this can be a great option.


Our preferred option is to get in the professionals. They will arrive with a portable bar, complete with a selection of drinks and any special requsts that you specify. Usually for our size of events there is a booking deposit which rolls over into a house charge of around a hundred pounds. For large events, then most bars dont charge, covering their costs from the profits of the bar.


You can have a free bar, where you pay the bill at the end of the day. You can have a starter bar, where you put some money on the bar and when thats gone your guests then pay, or they can pay from the start.


We have discovered some real friendly professionals, who like us, want your party to be perfect. Select the links to the right to discover more.

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Make it special

Whether you want a simple vintage pub bar, shining steel or a bar built into a vintage van or caravan, we can help.


East Coast Bars

Traditional or Themed Bars


Couple of Mugs

Citroen Van Bar


Roll out the Barrel

Traditional and Vintage Bars