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Vintage China Hire from Tilly's Garden Party

Our obsession with vintage china is a little out of hand to be truthful. We understand just how much you love to bring colour and style to your event with china, because we do too!


Our china is a mis match of trios, giving you a variety of styles and colours to create that vintage tea party look. We have tea pots, milk jugs, sugar bowls and sandwich plates as well as cake stands.


We hire them as part of our garden party packages, our tea chest (below) or separately. They are delivered bubble wrapped and you need to plan for some time to unwrap and set them out. When you've finished, we ask that you wash them by hand in warm soapy water and stack them for us to wrap when we collect. We'll bring you a big basket of tea towels to help! If you want to return them unwashed, there is a charge for cleaning which varies on numbers.

Tea Time Tillys trios

Buy or Hire?

There was a time when people could wander through the charity shops and trawl ebay for old china, but as everyone has begun to understand the demand, it's pushed up the values. We pay around £15 to £25 for each trio in our collection and we dont have anything newer than the 1950's.


Its fun searching and buying, and of course they're yours to own! However, if you are thinking of selling them on again, then hire may still be the most economical way of achieving the look you are after for your special day.

Our new Vintage Tea Chest is a delightfully distressed sideboard completely stuffed with china!


It solves the problem of how to serve hot refreshments to a proportion of your guests during the day. We bring cups and saucers, milk jugs, teapots, sugar bowls, spoons and tongs for your guests to serve themselves. We will also bring a huge tea urn so there is hot water when ever they want a cuppa.


The doors stay open and have blackboards for you to write your messages on.


You can supply your favourite selection of teas (or coffee), milk and sugar - or leave that to us. We can even supply a tea lady if you like to poor the tea and keep everything looking photogenic!


Dry Tea Chest for 50 guests - £250 delivered

With Teas, Coffee, Milks and Sugar - £300 

De-Luxe Package with China Cabinet, Arm Chairs & Gate Leg Table - £600 

Tilly Tea Lady - £70 for up to 4 hours.


All subject to T&C within 25 miles of Tilly HQ

Love Tilly. X

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