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By Tilly, Nov 13 2017 10:55PM

Tilly here!

About a year after we started in August 2013, a gentleman called us to tell us to cease trading and pay him loss of earnings. Well, that was quite an interesting call. He continues to put obstacles in our way and has even trademarked the phrase "Garden Party Hire", together with some 1990's MS clipart. We're sorry to say he's using it to bully many marquee businesses who use the phrase "garden party hire" in their business descriptions and websites. It's pretty difficult to talk about hiring equipment for garden parties without doing so, don't you think?

Anyway, let me introduce you to Garden Party Hire Ltd, based in Nottingham (we don't put Garden Party Tents up in Nottingham - it's outside our area) and if you'd like a Gala Tent and some plastic patio chairs for your Garden party, then evidently he's the national guy to go to. Call his National Garden Party Hire Booking Office and I'll bet he'd sort you out.

If any of the 1500 customers who've called, emailed or messaged us since we opened have found us instead of finding Justin, then I apologise. The thing is you've never mentioned him? We get around 4000 people hit this website every month and have even peaked some months at over 10000 hits, so I'm pretty sure that if you were looking for plastic lawn chairs, we'd have remembered.

Garden Party Hire have even blocked our own Trademark application and now we've got to pay his legal costs as the objector. It looks like the Intellectual Property Office are happy to register a generic business description as a unique and protected trademark. We reckon we'll se if we can register "van rental" or "chimney sweeps"! Ha.

He's attacked at least 5 business via calls and legal threats. He's currently trying to persuade Nominet that we're infringing his trademark with our original web address, so we're doing a little internet judo and moving our website over to or you could find us on - you'll still find us on google, even though we dont spend any money promoting ourselves through internet search engines. We appear when you search for garden party hire, because thats one of the things we do.

If you've found this and you were looking for Justin of Garden Party Hire Ltd in Nottingham, then look him up on LinkedIn. He's got lots to say about himself and how good he is. You can find him on

A quick glance at his website will tell you all you need to know.

Love to all of our customers and we'll chat soon. Tilly. X

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