Barn Style Venue - Only from Tilly's Garden Party Hire.

We love barn weddings! Pinterest is full of pictures of couples outside old barns, festoon lights draped across wooden walls and all kinds of great props. The great news is we can help you achieve the same, in just about any location!


We have created (from recycled timbers) a barn wall that fits directly into our marquee system. We just replace one of the canvas ends with a wooden one! It has doors, great texture and colours, you can hang lighting, props, flowers - anything you want from it and it looks fantastic both inside and out!


As an example - a wedding for 120 guests, complete with coconut matting floor, rustic head table, rustic guest  tables, dining chairs, chandeliers with the barn wall would be £3990 subject to our normal terms and conditions.

Barn Wall Bales barn exterior

Make it unique

You can add our festoon lighting, feature ladders, crates, bunting, upgrade to all rustic trestle tables, add a solid subfloor, dance floor, go for carpet if you like!


Add extra side tables to display desserts (or puddings), make it a cake table display your cards and well wishes...


Marquees with the barn wall start at 9m x 9m for 60 guests and go up to 27m x 9m for 150 guests.

Our Unique Barn Wall Marquee